SecuraMax-Admin: Storage Usage & Overages

SecuraMax is designed to accommodate customer's unique needs and storage capacity demands by offering different plan types. Some plans have unlimited storage capacity, but many plans have a maximum base storage capacity and then all storage over that base amount is billed additionally as an overage.

When are overages charged?

Customers with a fixed base storage plan are charged overages if the total amount of stored data at the end of the billing period is greater than the base plan amount. For example, if a customer has one device on a 100GB plan and there is 125GB stored at the end of the billing period, the bill will reflect a 25GB overage added for that billing period. If multiple devices are on the plan, the base storage will be pooled together, so overages will only be charged if the pooled storage amount is exceeded. In the multi-device scenario, for example, if a customer has 50 devices on a 50GB plan, they can store up to 2500GB of data before overages are charged, even if a single device has over 50GB. 

Since new data may be uploaded daily, it is important for Administrators to periodically check their usage to understand when overages may be charged. If the storage data shows that an overage exists and it is desired to prevent overage charges, files must be deleted prior to the end of the billing period. 

How do I determine my usage?

SecuraMax contains a built-in usage report that is available to Administrators of the account when logged in under Admin > Reports > Device Usage. For details follow the instructions below:

1. Log into your SecuraMax account

2. Click the "Admin" menu button in the upper right corner of the top navigation bar.

3. Click the "Reports" option within the "Admin" menu.

4. From the "Reports" page, select the "Device Usage" report from the left side navigation.

5. The "Allocated Storage Available" will be visible in the upper right corner. This is the available storage capacity (in GB) of the account before overages are charged.

6. The "Storage Used" will also be visible in the upper right corner. This is the amount of storage (in GB) of all devices combined. If this exceeds the allocated amount at the end of a billing period, overages will be charged.

7. If an overage exists, a "Storage Overage" will appear below "Storage Used" in the upper right corner. This is the amount that the storage overage exceeds the allocated storage. If an overage exist at the end of a billing period, it will multiplied by the storage overage rate of the plan and added to the invoice for that period.

How do I manage my storage and prevent overages?

The Article SecuraMax: Managing Storage explains the different ways storage can be managed.


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