SecuraMax: Creating and Managing Cases

Cases allow users to group multiple documents together to allow easier review, categorization, and sharing. When a user creates a case they have the ability to add any document to the case that they have the permissions to access. The user can then choose to share the case allowing users to easily find the group of files. Cases created by the user or shared with the user are displayed in the cases home page list.

Creating a New Case

  1. Select "Cases" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the "New Case" button
  3. Add an identifier to the case, and a description if desired, then set the retention period for the case. If necessary, add permission to allow the shared user to add/edit the files that are part of the case.
  4. Add Documents/Video files to the case using the document selection search tool.
  5. Click the "+" (Plus) button on any Documents/Video files to be included in the case.
  6. Click the "Save" button.

Closing a Case:

If a case is no longer active, it can be closed. Closing a case will remove it from the active cases list and all files within the case will revert to their previously assigned retention periods.

To close a case, click on the "Edit" button for the desired case and then click "Close Case"


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