SecuraMax: Live Feature Overview

The SecuraMax Live feature allows real-time data to be viewed from devices. The live data consists of the devices online state, currently logged-in user, recording state, current location, as well as the ability to view and hear live streams from the devices.

What devices can be viewed live?

Viewing live information from devices requires the devices to have a real-time data connection. The standard SecuraMax plan includes "Live" with Wi-Fi. "Live" can also be accessed with 4G that requires the use of a BC4 that is 4G compatible (additional costs apply). The customer can also choose to supply their own 4G data plan.

The "Live" features are only available on the latest generations of Pro-Vision hardware:

  • BODYCAM4 - Wi-Fi connection only
  • BODYCAM4 4G - 4G or Wi-Fi connection
  • DR-200v2 - Wi-Fi connection only (coming soon)
  • DR-200v2 4G- 4G or Wi-Fi connection (coming soon)
  • PD-1902 Ranger DVR - Wi-Fi connection only (coming soon)
  • PD-1902 Ranger 4G DVR - 4G or Wi-Fi connection (coming soon)

Who can view live devices?

Live features are included for all SecuraMax customers, but each user must specifically be given permission to use the Live features by their site administrator. Users can only see live devices within their selected group permission.

How does a user view live information?

If the user is configured with permissions for Live features, while logged in to SecuraMax a selector switch will appear in the top navigation bar to switch between looking at previously recorded videos "Review" and real time data from cameras "Live".

In the top navigation bar, the user will move the selector switch to Live; the page will change from the review interface to the live interface.


The live interface will be displayed, a list of live devices will appear on the left side, and then depending on whether the user has "Live Map" permissions, a map will appear on the right side. Without Live Map permissions, the user does not see a map, they see a system message - "No Live Map Permission."

The Live Map page is interactive, providing an immediate view of a fleet’s geographic locations. The page is designed to ensure the user can efficiently access real-time user/device status and view Live video as well as proactively request non-event video.

The left navigation pane displays a list of the users and configured devices. The list indicates active/inactive status (color-coded: green=active, gray=inactive) and includes a drop-down arrow with access to device details.

Users can filter the device list to reduce the presented data, allowing them to focus on a specific location, segment of their fleet, or type of device.

  • See the Article SecuraMax: Using the Live Map Interface for more information about Live Map features and functionality.
  • See the Article SecuraMax: Requesting Non-Event Video for information on requesting transfer of non-event video.

Viewing Live Video/Audio

SecuraMax allows users to view live video from active devices. Locate/click the name of the user to be viewed live. This can be done on the users listed in the left navigation pane, or by directly selecting a user/device on the map. If there are multiple devices, the search function (top, left navigation pane) can be used to narrow the results in locating the device.

There are three different ways to start live view from a device/user:

  1. Click on the device/user on the left side list, then click VIEW LIVE. The PV Live application will open and begin displaying the live stream from the device.
  2. Click on the map marker for the desired device/user, the marker will expand to show additional options, then click VIEW LIVE. The PV Live application will open and begin displaying the live stream from the device.
  3. Locate the PV Live application shortcut on the desktop or in start menu, click the icon to launch the application. The application will authenticate to your SecuraMax account and then will give you the option to select the device. Click Select Device/Camera, then select your desired device/user to begin live view.

PV Live application example view:


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