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Customers have different plans to accommodate video storage requirements, some plans are "Unlimited". Unlimited plans create a simplified pricing model because there are not overages charged based on data storage. To eliminate the need for overage charges, SecuraMax utilizes a Archived storage process to move video to a lower cost storage server for long term retention.

SecuraMax customers using an Unlimited plan will have videos automatically archived for long-term retention, if this archived video is needed, it can be retrieved through the process described below.

How to tell if a video is archived?

Locate the desired file and go to its details page as shown below. Observe the "Storage Status" field in the bottom of the right side list. There status will be either be Active, Archived, or Pending Archive Retrieval.

Video that is uploaded to SecuraMax storage is automatically placed in "Active" storage. Once the file has been stored for 180 days (6 months) it is automatically moved to "Archived" storage. Once a video is "Archived", the details page will show "Storage Status" as "Archived" with a "Request Archive Retrieval" button below it.

Retrieving Archived Video

  1. Press the "Request Archive Retrieval" button on an Archived video.
  2. The unarchival process will start, and the "Storage Status" will change to "Pending Archive Retrieval". This process can take up to 48 hours, but is often much quicker than that.
  3. Once the unarchival is complete, the "Storage Status" will change to "Active" and an email will be sent to the user who requested the unarchival and the document page will reflect the new availability as "Storage Status" again showing "Active".
  4. The document will be available as "Active" for 30 days, then it will automatically be archived again.
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