SecuraMax: Storage and Retention

SecuraMax is a file management solution that automatically stores files for a predetermined amount of time after upload. Managing the stored data on SecuraMax is an integral part of its operation. Improper storage management can potentially result in unintended loss of videos or longer search times. Also, depending on plan type, unmanaged storage can result in additional overage charges.

What factors affect when a file gets deleted from SecuraMax?

  1. Default Site Retention - When a file is uploaded, even if it is not tagged by a user, it will be stored for the default amount of time. This time period is configured by the agency's administrator and is 60 days by default.
  2. Assigned Categories - When a file is assigned a category by a user, that category's retention period will automatically be associated with the file. If multiple categories are assigned, the file will use whichever retention period is longest. Categories are created by the administrator and each category has a preset retention period (in days). This is the most commonly used method for setting file retention on video.
  3. Assigned Cases - When a file is associated with a "Case", the case may have a retention period assigned, if the case has an assigned retention period that is longer that the files default retention or any assigned categories, the "Case" retention period will be used.
  4. Locking from Deletion - If a high priority file needs to be retained on the site outside of the normal retention, it can be manually locked from deletion by a user, the file will never be deleted until it is unlocked (at which point it uses its previously assigned retention period).
  5. Requested Deletion - If a file is unintentionally uploaded, it can be removed from the site before its intended time period by requesting deletion and then having it approved, this will remove the file after approved. This is typically (only) used for accidental recordings or non-evidentiary videos.

When do files get deleted from SecuraMax?

When new files are uploaded to SecuraMax, the upload date is stored in the file metadata. Each day, SecuraMax looks at each of the files that are not locked from deletion, their upload date, and retention periods. If the number of days between the upload date and the current date exceeds the retention period, the file will be deleted.

What happens to files after they are deleted?

After deletion, files are no longer viewable within SecuraMax, and all copies of the file are removed from the system. Although the files themselves are deleted, file metadata is kept and remains searchable. A file deletion record is also added to the metadata for auditing purposes.

Assigned Categories

  1. Review the uploaded file.
  2. Click the box to the right of the file to select it.
  3. Enter the file details - Title, Description, Categories, Cases, Tags.
  4. Click "Complete" (bottom of the screen).

Assigned Case Retention

If a file needs a new case for assignment after upload, the case can be created first, so it is available for assignment during file review.

  1. Select "Cases" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Enter identifying details in the available fields.
  3. Click the "+" (plus) icon in the file to add it to the case.
  4. Click "Save" (bottom of the screen).

Locking Files from Deletion/Requesting Files for Deletion

  1. Select the details icon next to the file.

  2. Select the "Lock from Deletion" button or the "Request Deletion" button as needed.

  3.  The selection of "Lock from Deletion" button changes to "Unlock from Deletion" and the "Request for Deletion" button is hidden.

  4. The selection of "Request Deletion" button changes to "Submit Deletion Request" with a section to enter the reason for deletion details and the "Lock from Deletion" button is hidden.
  5. Once the Request for Deletion is submitted, a "Review Deletion Request" button appears and the "Lock from Deletion" button reappears.


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