BODYCAM 4: Quick Start Guidelines

BC4 Unit Parts and Features



User Functions


Power On
Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

Power Off
Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds while the camera is not recording Events.

Start Event Recording
Double-press the Event button.

Stop Event Recording
Press and hold the Event button for 3 seconds.

Add Marker During an Event
Single press the Event button while Event recording.

Mute or Unmute Audio Recording
Press and hold F1 button for 3 seconds.

Enter or Exit Covert Mode
Press and hold the F1 and F2 buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Temporarily Increase Display Brightness
Single press the power button to increase the display brightness for 5 seconds.

Display Details

The display will rotate automatically from docked to operational mode; it will automatically dim after 10 seconds of inactivity.


1. Status Bar
2. Information Area
3. Secondary Information Area


BC4-LED-2.png Event recording initiated by button
BC4-LED-3.png Event recording initiated by signal from another camera
BC4-LED-4.png Event recording initiated by signal from a car
BC4-LED-5.png Audio is muted or disabled
BC4-LED-6.png Covert mode is enabled (no sounds, vibrations, or LED)
BC4-LED-7.png Battery status, changes to red when less than 10%
BC4-LED-8.png Battery is charging (when docked)
BC4-LED-9.png Pre-Event recording is active
BC4-LED-10.png Background recording is active
BC4-LED-11.png Camera remote activation signal is broadcasting


Action/Display/Sound/Vibration/LED Ring

Power On |
BC4-LED-12.png |
None | None | Off

Power Off |
BC4-LED-13.png |
None | Short Pulse | Off

Not ready, no user (RFID Login only) |
BC4-LED-14.png |
3 Short Tones | 3 Pulses Every 30s | Off

Ready to Event Record |
BC4-LED-15.png |
None | None | Off or Light Blue

Event Recording Started by Event Button |
BC4-LED-22.png |
Short Chirp Up | Short Pulse | Bright Blue

Event Recording Started by Another BODYCAM |
BC4-LED-17.png |
Short Chirp Up | Short Pulse | Bright Blue

Event Recording Started by Signal from a Camera
BC4-LED-18.png | Short Chirp Up | Short Pulse | Bright Blue

Event Recording Stopped
BC4-LED-19.png | Short Chirp Down | Long Pulse | Return to READY

Event Recording Stopped Post Event Recording
BC4-LED-20.png | Short Chirp Down | Long Pulse | No Change

Audio Muted
BC4-LED-21.png | None | None | No Change

Audio Unmuted
BC4-LED-22.png |
None | None | No Change

Enter Covert Mode
BC4-LED-22-2.png |
None | None | Off

Exit Covert Mode
BC4-LED-22.png | None | None | Return to Normal

Low Battery >10% Battery Remaining |
BC4-LED-23.png |
Low Battery (Verbal) | Short Pulse | No Change

Low Storage <15% Space Remaining
BC4-LED-24.png | Low Storage (Verbal) | Short Pulse | No Change

Storage Full, Cannot Continue Recording |
BC4-LED-25.png | Storage Full (Verbal) | Short Pulse | Off


Insert the camera into a single or multi-unit dock to charge the battery and upload files. The cameras will immediately begin uploading once connected. The camera display will show the upload status. Always check the display before removing a camera from the dock; do not remove it if a firmware update is in progress.

See the Article BODYCAM 4 Dock Setup for more details.

Safety Precaution

IMPORTANT! The BODYCAM 4 camera uses a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery for operation. It is important to follow proper requirements for operating, charging, and storage to ensure safe functioning of the unit. If the battery is emitting unusual odors during charging or the rear cover of the camera is bulging (due to battery swelling), remove the camera from service immediately. Do not continue charging or try charging again until the battery has been replaced. For more information, read about BODYCAM 4 battery safety at:

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