BC4, Server URL Reset

BC4 Server URL Reset  

Why would you need to rest the server URL?

Option 1: Would be to reconnect a camera that is no longer connecting to the server/ if the server IP changed.

Option 2: Would be to change the user associated with the Body Camera or change the configuration of a Body Camera


Step 1: Power down BC4  

Step2: Place in Dock (Unit will power up when placed in dock)

Step 3: Hold the F1 and F2 buttons and release 

Step 4: When screen says CLR SERVER, Press F1 for Yes  

Step 5: Remove BC4 from Dock then BC4 will say NOT SETUP press F1 to scan QR Code  

Step 6: Click ADD BODY CAMERA on computer on either ECB, SecuraMax or Cloud Connect

Step 7: Scan QR Code with BC4 camera lens, BC4 should say SUCCESS

Step 8: Place BC4 in Dock  

Step 9: Configure on computer screen

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