Gettting Started With 4G

4G Connection Requirements

If a 4G capable product is purchased, it can be activated on a 4G network and used for uploading videos. Each product includes a pre-installed Verizon SIM card that can be activated on the Verizon 4G network either directly through Verizon or through an authorized reseller. To activate a device with a carrier, the device’s modem IMEI number and its matching SIM card number need to be provided to the carrier. The carrier also has multiple IP connection configuration options, the default (recommended) configuration is to use a Dynamic IP address that provides access to the internet through Verizon's "vzwinternet" APN. If additional security restrictions are required, a static IP address or a private network can be used, but will require changing the default, preconfigured APN within each product during setup.

4G Data Usage

If a 4G connection is used, it is most likely a metered connection. Although some unlimited data plans exist, most providers will charge a fixed amount per device for a fixed amount of data transfer, and multiple devices will be pooled together into a data usage total for the account’s monthly billing period. If the total usage of all devices exceeds the pooled total, overage charges will most likely apply. Ensure the terms of the provider agreement are understood. If needed, contact a Pro-Vision representative to help understand how it may affect product usage. To determine the estimated base device plan size (typically 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, etc.), each specific vehicle's product and usage must be factored into a calculation with a Pro-Vision representative.

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