DR-200v2: Using a PX-1210 Analog to Digital Adapter

The PX-1210 AHD Adapter is used to connect any PRO-VISION analog camera (SD or AHD) to the digital input port of the DR‑200v2 Drive Recorder. The camera can be connected directly to the PX-1210 Analog Camera Adapter or to an extension cable that is connected to the PX-1210 Analog Camera Adapter. The adapter will automatically detect the camera signal type (SD or HD) and record the video in the appropriate resolution.

PX-1210 Adapter LED Indicator Lights:

  • Solid RED power LED when the device is powered on.
  • Flashing GREEN camera LED when device is communicating with DR-200 unit.
  • Solid GREEN camera LED when recording.

Standard Installation:

Installation with Monitor:

If the analog camera is to be used on a monitor as well as on the PX-1210 adapter, a PD-1456 video splitter cable should be installed inline. The red side of cable, labeled “TO DVR” must be connected to the PX-1210 adapter as it supplies the power to the camera. If connected incorrectly, the camera will only record when the camera is viewed on the monitor.


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