Ranger DVR (PD1902): Generic Program Settings

The purpose of this article is to provide a template for customers who self-install Pro-Vision DVR systems and are unsure how to program it. It is intended as a basic “blueprint” to aid in programming the DVR. It is recommended to use this with the DVR Product Guide, which explains what the specific settings do. The Ranger DVR (PD1902): Programming the Unit Article explains the specifics of how to successfully connect to the DVR and the steps needed for programming. The sole purpose is to provide you with a place to begin. You should consider customizing the DVR settings as necessary to fully meet the requirements that you and your department or company need.

Suggested Generic Settings:

Power Settings

Leave at default settings: Operation = “Vehicle Ignition”
Stop Record Delay = 600sec. (10 min)
Power Off Delay = 1800sec. (30 min)

Date & Time Setting

Set the DVR to the correct time zone you are in. If you sync your time from a PC, make sure the PC is set to the correct time zone. Having the DVR set to the correct time zone will aid you in looking up video files.

Camera Settings

In general, leave the default settings. However, you must verify that each connected camera is recording the correct orientation for vertical and horizontal, which is dependent on how the camera was mounted. Enable “Flip Vertical or Horizontal” as necessary. Note that rear facing cameras, like the PC-1912 or the PC-1916, are designed by default to work with a monitor, as such, their view is “mirrored”. For the proper perspective on the DVR recording, you may want to flip this camera setting.

Recording Settings

In general, leave the default settings, where the bitrate is 2000 and the framerate is set to 10.

Both video and audio preferences can be programmed here depending on your needs. See Product Guide, page 38, for details.

Display Settings

If you are connecting an external monitor or device to the DVR, you will set which cameras will output to device here.

GPS Settings

Use Defaults

G-Force Settings

If you plan to use this, follow the detailed set up instructions (these can be found in the Product Guide on pages 39-40).

Trigger Settings

Program the triggers as or if needed (these instructions can be found in the Product Guide on page 40.)

For the Event Marker Button Function, set the pre- and post- event recording time as desired. Set whether an audible beep will accompany pressing the EVT button or not.

Unit Info Settings

Create your vehicle specific identifier within these settings. This identifier will appear on the recording for the vehicle. The ID is up to 8 characters and should be unique to each vehicle.

Customer Name- Mid America Trucking
Vehicle Number- Truck #14.
ID= MAT014

Network Settings

Follow instructions for programming the SSID found in the DVR Programming article.

Miscellaneous Settings

Unless specifically desired or needed, the remaining settings can be left as the default settings.

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