Getting Started with a DVR


1. How do the systems work? 


By default, the systems record normal video files when powered on and the status light is solid green. If an event or alarm is triggered the system will record a separate alarm video. An alarm video will not be overwritten on your storage, but normal video files will over time.  If you have a wireless offload the Alarm videos offload automatically to your storage location repository and the normal video files can be requested to transfer as well. 

2. How do I know the systems are working properly?  


On the front of the DVR there is a status light, when this light is solid green, the system is powered on and recording. If you have an Event marker button, the light on the event marker button is the status light status as well. You should check periodically that the systems are working properly by verifying the status light. 


 3. How do I watch the videos that my DVR recorded? 


All of our DVR recording options have removable storage that can be viewed on a computer. We have a knowledge base article that goes over viewing files from the storage: 

How to View the Files on the DVR without Transfer Software – Pro-Vision Video Systems (

*If you have wireless offload configured you should not need to remove the storage under normal circumstances. 


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