PD-1902 Ranger DVR: Formatting a Disk

SD card and SSD storage disks can be formatted in a computer or directly through the DVR itself. This article covers the direct formatting on the DVR itself.

  1. Connect to the Ranger DVR through Wi-Fi or LAN.
    1. LAN: Connect a cable from the LAN port on the DVR unit to a LAN port on the laptop using a standard (Non-crossover) LAN cable. Your computer must have a static IP address set on the LAN adapter to connect to the DVR.
    2. Wi-Fi: On a Wi-Fi-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet) go to the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Wi-Fi with the name "PV_RANGER_xxxxxx". The Wi-Fi has a default password of “doesitall”. If the unit has already been configured, the Wi-Fi may be disabled or renamed, "xxxxxx" represents the last 6 unique characters of the devices MAC address. The front of the DVR has a LED indicator for Wi-Fi to show the status of the Wi-Fi connection. If the light is off, then Wi-Fi is either not yet on, or it is disabled. If the light is on, then Wi-Fi is enabled. If the light is on, but no Wi-Fi network can be found on your device, it may be configured in Client mode and you must use LAN to connect.

  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3. From the DVR home page, navigate to Settings > Storage
  4. If prompted, login to the DVR unit. (Default Username: admin / Default Password: doesitall)
  5. On the storage page, click the "Format" button to the lower right of the desired disk.
  6. A popup message will inform you that all data is about to be erased. If you agree and want to continue the formatting, click "OK" and the format process will begin.
  7. Recording will stop and then after a few moments the disk will appear with 0% full and then recording will resume.
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