PD-1902 Ranger DVR: How to Change the Wi-Fi Name and Password

Once connected to the DVR and in the user interface, go to "Settings" then "ADVANCED/Network" to change the Wi-Fi Name and Password.



Network Settings

The network settings allow the user to configure the LAN and Wi-Fi functions of the DVR unit. The default configuration is to have Wi-Fi enabled using Wi-Fi Access Point Mode. There are two different Wi-Fi modes on the DVR unit that can be set from the “Wi-Fi Mode” option at the top of the page.


The device can be set to one of the following modes:

1. Access Point Mode:
Enabled by default, this mode allows your smart device to connect directly to the DVR unit via Wi-Fi for remote configuration and access to view cameras and recorded video files.

2. Client Mode (Unit to Building):
This mode is used to allow your device to automatically connect to your building’s Wi-Fi when it comes into range. Once connected to the network, video files on the DVR can be accessed and transferred remotely either manually or automatically using the SecuraMax, CloudConnect, or Connect (ECB) software.

*****Note: If the device is set to Wi-Fi Client mode, it cannot be directly accessed via Wi-Fi AP to change settings (since the AP mode is no longer enabled).

  • The Wi-Fi AP mode can be temporarily re-enabled by pressing and holding the “STOP” button on the front of the DVR for 7 seconds and then releasing once a single beep is heard.
  • To return the DVR to Wi-Fi Client mode, press and hold the “STOP” button on the front of the DVR for 7 seconds and then release once a single beep is heard or connect to it via Wi-Fi AP mode and change the Wi-Fi Mode setting through the web interface.
  • If you do not want to use the built-in Wi-Fi, set the “Wi-Fi” at the top of the page to “Disabled”. Once applied, the only way to connect to the DVR unit is through the LAN connection.


AP Mode: Change the Wi-Fi Name/Unit SSID and Password
Unit SSID:
This is the name of the Wi-Fi AP that the DVR will broadcast. The default configuration is “PV_RANGER_xxxxx”. This should be changed to a name that contains the unit number of the vehicle to allow identification among the other vehicles around it. Clicking “Match with Unit ID” will automatically add the set Unit ID to the name of the Wi-Fi SSID.
Password security protects the Wi-Fi from undesired access. All DVR units are shipped using a default password of “doesitall” which should be changed to something unique. In general, fleet Wi-Fi passwords: ___________________________________________

Default/Initial Passwords

Username: admin
Password: does it all
Description: Administrative account with full access, also can set passwords/accounts

Username: liveview
Password: seethecams
Description: Access to only see live video

Username: playback
Password: watchvids
Description: Access only for video playback

Username: settings
Password: change items
Description: Access to only see/modify settings









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