Connect (ECB): Storage Setup

Preparing a Storage Location

A storage location with suitable capacity must be set up for transfer. The storage location can be a local disk drive physically attached to the computer or to a shared network storage device. This location will be set during the Server Configuration process. Individual sub-directories will be created in this location by the software for each device that is added. The sub-directories will be named with the serial number and unit name of each device. Further sub-directories will be added for dates/times of video events as files are transferred.

Local Storage (No Network Playback):
If the saved files will be stored on a local disk of the computer that will be running the PV Transfer software AND will not be accessed from another computer on the network, a local directory path can be used.
Example:  C:\Video or  E:\PVTransferVideo

Network Storage:
If the saved files are to be accessed from a computer other than the computer running the transfer service, a qualified UNC path will be used for the storage. The format of the file path is as follows:
Example: \\NAS1\Video\  or  \\PVFS\PVTransferVideo

Important! Storing files on a network drive requires permissions to be configured to allow both the PV Transfer software AND any network users that will be reviewing video to have access to this shared network directory. For the software to store files on a network storage location, the following items must be set correctly:

  1. The network storage location must have full read/write permissions set to a network user. Set this up through the normal Windows sharing permissions process.
  2. The “PVTransfer2” Windows service must be set to logon as the network user account with access to the storage location. This can be set up by going to Windows > Services, double-clicking the “PVTransfer2” service, choosing the “Log On” tab, select Log on as “This account”, enter the desired network user account and password, click “Ok”, and then restart the service.
  3. The network user account that the PV Transfer service runs on needs full read/write permissions to the PV Transfer data directory “C:\ProgramData/PRO-VISION/PVTransfer/”. Set this up by navigating to the folder and then use the normal Windows process for sharing/security to add the network user with read/write permissions.
  4. Important! Double-check permissions. The user set in Logon for "PVTransfer2" must have Full Control of the storage destination for video files AND the location of the PVTransfer2 database.
    • If permission to the storage location is not set, devices will not be able to transfer files.
    • If permission to the database folder is not granted, new devices will not be able to be added and logs will not be generated to help in finding the cause.



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