How to Add a Digital Serial Number to PD-1800/DR-200v1

PD-1800 and DR-200v1 systems that were produced before May 2018 do not have a digital serial number programmed on the system. In order to use these systems with Connect, CloudConnect, or SecuraMax software solutions, the firmware must be updated on the units and the digital serial number must be manually set. The serial number is used by the software to identify the device type and identify it as a unique unit.
To set the digital serial number, download and update the device to the latest firmware and then:
  1. Connect to the unit via LAN or Wi-Fi.
  2. Navigate to

  3. Enter the unit's serial number (found on the bottom of the unit) into the serial number box.
  4. Hit “Program Serial Number.”

  5. Refresh the page and the unit should show the serial number in the top bar.

  6. Go to Settings > System Info and reboot the unit.
  7. Register on Connect (PV Transfer).
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