DR-200 Installation Guide



Fleet Dash Camera with Two Built-in Cameras

Primarily used on light-duty vehicles, Pro-Vision’s HD Drive Recorder is a Fleet Dash Camera that features two built-in cameras to cover the cab and the road. With their exceptional video quality and extensive coverage, you can be confident you are getting the whole picture, which helps protect your drivers and fleet.

  1. Insert the supplied SD card into the slot on the side of the recorder and snap closed the door for proper operation.
  2. Locate the desired location for mounting the Drive Recorder to the front windshield. The optimum location is behind the rearview mirror on the passenger side, slightly lower than the mirror. Ideally, the main unit is blocked from the driver's view by the mirror, but the lower camera portion must be visible to allow the inside camera to fully view the driver and passenger compartment.
  3. Prepare the window area where the recorder is to be mounted. Thoroughly clean the window with glass cleaner first, then with an alcohol prep pad to ensure proper bonding to the window.
  4. Remove the red adhesive pad backing and affix it to the window in the desired location. Remember to keep the mount as level as possible so that the Drive Recorder will be level on the window.
  5. Adjust the lower camera portion so that it is perpendicular to the ground and tighten the set screws.
  6. Connect the power cable to the DR200 and route the cable to the vehicle's fuse box area.
  7. Connect the black wire to the chassis ground first.
  8. Using vehicle-specific, Add-A-Circuit fuse holders, connect the Recorder's Green lead to an Accessory or Ignition source and the Red lead to a +B, constant Hot power source.
  9. If the system has a third camera, install the HD/Analog Interface Adapter to the round port on the DR200, install the third camera in the desired location, and connect to the unit with the supplied extension cable.
    IMPORTANT! When mounting any camera inside the vehicle, be aware of where and how any Air Bag may be affected by the camera. The camera must NOT interfere with the deployment of a vehicle's Air Bag.
  10. Follow the instruction guide for connecting to the DR200 with a smart phone or PC to program the Drive Recorder to your desired specifications.
  11. After successfully programming the unit, verify your settings and correct operation of the system.




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