Birdseye 360 System Overview


System Overview


The Birdseye 360 HD Video System is designed to seamlessly integrate with vehicle and operator activities. It is a standalone vision and safety system that increases the driver’s visibility around a vehicle to detect objects or pedestrians and assists with parking, checking blind spots, and operating a vehicle near other vehicles and obstacles. Video is captured from four (4) or six (6) ultra-wide angle cameras (determined by vehicle length) that are mounted on the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. The video feeds are seamlessly stitched together in real-time to produce a top-down “Birdseye” view with 360° coverage around the vehicle. On the system’s 7” HD Touchscreen Monitor, the driver can see the Birdseye view full screen, and then automatically switch to a side-by-side view where the Birdseye is shown alongside left, right, or rear camera views when triggered by turn signals or a reverse operation. The video can also be recorded and stored on an internal SD card or SSD.


-  Multiple view options: 2D Birdseye, 3D Birdseye, split screen, and individual cameras
-  Automatic view triggering
-  Integrated computer vision pedestrian and object detections with driver alerts
-  Large 7” HD touchscreen monitor
-  Video output to support a second monitor or connect to other systems
-  6 channels of 1080p HD video recording
-  Large capacity storage support: Up to 512GB SD Cards and up to 2TB SSD
-  Individual camera view recording or monitor display recording
-  Event marker button to allow easy driver marking of events for recording
-  IP69K waterproof cameras, cables, and control box for flexible mounting in harsh environments
-  Supports 10-32V DC power input
-  Simple system calibration and configuration via touchscreen
-  Customizable image overlay available to display any vehicle (JPEG image)
-  Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces for configuration and future uploading features
-  GPS antenna for location and speed information on recorded video
-  Operating temperature range of -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C)


-  Birdseye 360 Control Box / DVR (IP69K)
-  Birdseye 360 HD 7” Monitor
-  Four (4) or Six (6) Birdseye 360 Cameras
-  Event Marker Button
-  GPS Antenna
-  Four (4) or Six (6) Reusable Calibration Mats (only one set is needed per installation site)

System Limitations

  • MINIMUM CAMERA HEIGHT: System requires each of the 4 or 6 cameras to be mounted high enough to see past the corners of the vehicle. If the camera(s) cannot be mounted high enough (typically at least 4 feet for the front and rear, and 6 feet for the sides) the system will be unable to calibrate and work effectively.

  • 4 CAMERA VIEWS: System requires at least 4 cameras to do the calibration, even if one camera cannot be permanently mounted due to obstructions (on vehicles such as bulldozers, front-end loaders, or other construction equipment).

  • NO ARTICULATION: System does not have a way to compensate for applications where the vehicle itself articulates (such as tractor/trailer, large transit buses, specialized farming, or construction equipment).

  • 2 CALIBRATION MATS IN VIEW PER CAMERA: System calibration requires each camera to be able to see a calibration mat in the left and right side of the view, if the vehicle has equipment that protrudes or blocks the view of any of the calibration mats, calibration cannot be completed, and the system cannot be used.

Understanding the System

Control Box / DVR

The Birdseye 360 DVR is the main processor of the system. It supports up to six (6) cameras – four (4) Birdseye 360 AHD Cameras plus 2 non-Birdseye AHD Cameras or six (6) Birdseye 360 AHD Cameras.

The DVR has the following connections:

-  6 Camera Inputs
-  Birdseye 360 HD 7” Monitor Connection
-  Video Output (1080p AHD)
-  Trigger Inputs
    (Left, Right, Rear, AUX1, AUX2)
-  Power Input (Battery, Ignition, Ground)
-  Event Marker Button
-  GPS Antenna Input
-  Wi-Fi Antenna Input
-  LAN Connection
-  USB Connection


Display / Monitor

The Birdseye 360 HD 7” Monitor is the main display of the system. It is used to calibrate and setup the system along with displaying the output video feed from the Birdseye 360 DVR. The monitor has a single cable that connects directly to the Control Box / DVR; it supplies power, receives audio/video feed, and communicates touchscreen functions. Birdseye-Monitor.png
The monitor includes two different mounting options: a U-Bracket and an Adjustable Fan Bracket. The U-bracket can be mounted to the dashboard using self-drilling screws. The fan bracket can be mounted to the windshield using double-sided adhesive or it can be mounted to the dashboard using self-drilling screws.   u-bracket.png fan-mount.png


7” HD Monitor Drawing:   


There are two different camera models available for use with the system: Adjustable and Fixed.

The adjustable ball camera allows for more flexible installation as the camera aim can be adjusted to fit various mounting locations.


The fixed camera is a smaller size and is a good option for vehicles that already have ideal mounting locations built in – such as a box truck with flat sides.


Both cameras have an ultra-wide angle field of view. Cameras should be mounted to a vertical part of the vehicle and face downward so that they capture as much of the area immediately next to the vehicle as possible. Mounting hardware is included.

Adjustable Camera Drawing:
Fixed Camera Drawing:

Data Storage Devices and Readers

SD Card

The base DVR-908 kit comes with a 256 GB SD card. A 500 GB SD Card can be purchased separately. The SD card is the primary recording media for your DVR unit; it contains the video that is recorded by the DVR. The system supports SD cards using either FAT32 or exFAT formats, all cards shipped by Pro-Vision are shipped with the exFAT file system.

Spare/Replacement cards are available in various sizes to meet the desired storage capacity requirements:
-  32GB SDHC (P/N: PD-1716/8090041)
-  64GB SDXC (P/N: PD-1718/8090042)
-  128GB SDXC (P/N: PD-1728/8090044)
-  256GB SDXC (P/N: PD-1738/8090046)
-  500GB SD Card (P/N: PD-1748/8090401)
-  1TB SD Card (P/N: PD-1758/8090402)

IMPORTANT:    The SD card can only be inserted into the DVR / Control Box unit with the contacts portion first, label facing up. If the SD card is inserted improperly, there is a risk of damage that may not be covered under warranty.


USB Card Reader

The USB Card Reader (P/N: DVR-102) allows any SD, SDHC, or SDXC card to be read in a computer through a USB port. For best performance use a USB 2.0 port; this will provide the maximum read speed from the SD card. USB-SD-Reader.png

Solid-State Drive

A Solid-State Drive (SSD) is a high-capacity storage device that utilizes high-performance, solid-state flash memory to provide storage that is not affected by the typical vibration experienced in a mobile environment.

Solid State Drives are available in multiple capacities:

-  500GB SSD (P/N: DVR-830/9000108)
-  1TB SSD (P/N: DVR-831/9000109)
-  2TB SSD (P/N: DVR-832/9000110)

Solid-State Drive Reader

The Solid-State Drive Reader (P/N: DVR-802/9000062) is a cable used to connect an SSD to a computer that is used for viewing files or downloading data from the SSD to a computer or a network. SSD-Reader-Cable.png

GPS Antenna

The GPS Antenna (P/N: PD-1750/8030056) provides GPS data to the DVR, which includes vehicle speed, location, and current date/time. The data can be used to trigger events, map the vehicle's location during playback, as well as synchronize date/time with the DVR.

Event Marker Button

The Event Marker Button (P/N: PD-1670/8030058) is used to provide the driver an easy way to mark Normal video as an important Alarm Video and to serve as a marker to mark a point of importance within an Alarm video. The button also provides the driver with a clear indicator of system operation. Event-Marker-Button.png

PX-1942 15ft Analog HD A/V Cable

15ft Analog HD cables (P/N: PX-1942) are used for connecting both analog standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) cameras to the DVR unit. The male ends connect to cameras and the female ends connect to the DVR.

PX-1943 33ft Analog HD A/V Cable

33ft Analog HD cables (P/N: PX-1943) are used for connecting both analog standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) cameras to the DVR unit. The male ends connect to cameras and the female ends connect to the DVR.

Calibrations Mats (4 camera) and (6 camera)

The calibration mats are heavy-weight rubber, printed with digital images that are used in the Birdseye System to guide the cameras during the automatic calibration process. When calibrating for the 4 camera configuration, mats are placed at the four corners of the vehicle. When calibrating for the 6 camera configuration, mats are placed at the four corners of the vehicle and one in the middle, on both sides of the vehicle.

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