PD-1902 (Ranger): Changing 4G Network Carriers

A Ranger DVR that is using 4G cellular data relies on a network carrier to handle the video/data transfers from the DVR unit. Each DVR has an internal 4G SIM Card that is registered to the unit with an associated data plan for the network carrier. If the customer changes carriers (for example, Verizon, Sprint, ATT), a new SIM Card must be purchased from that carrier and installed in each DVR unit, and a setting must be set within the DVR to let it know which carrier to use.

To change SIM Cards:

1. Document (take a photo of) the DVR's serial number (found on the bottom panel of the unit).

2. Document (take a photo of) the SIM Card's activation code (found on the SIM Card and printed on the Carrier's Data Card (found near the bottom of the card, below the bar code).

3. Power off the DVR unit (remove the power connection on the back of the unit). When the power is off, all the LEDs on the front of the unit will also be off.

4. Unscrew the four screws from the corners of the front panel of the unit.

5. The front panel is labeled with the location of the SD Card, SIM Card, and status LEDs/lights. Pull off the front panel (set aside in a secure place with the four screws).

6. Slide out the old SIM Card. If needed, use a tool, such as a screwdriver or tweezers, to slide out the SIM Card (do not apply pressure - the Card should slide out easily).

7. Slide the new SIM Card into the SIM Card slot (contact side down, label side up). When sliding the SIM Card out of the slot, you will touch the label side with a fingertip or tool. The new SIM Card will go in the same way.

8. Reattach the front panel using the four screws to secure it.

9. Reattach the power connection to the unit. Once the unit is powered on, go to the new carrier's website to activate the new SIM Card.

DVR (Ranger) Unit with the Faceplate Removed

To set the unit to the network carrier:

1. Go to the DVR's interface (enter the unit's IP address in the URL and the interface will open).

2. Select "Settings" (upper, right corner of the page) and then select "4G LTE".

3. Under "Carrier" select "Teal" from the drop-down list.

4. Under "APN" enter "teal".

5. Save new settings.

Note: If there are any error messages, such as "Sim Card not found," reboot the DVR unit and try again.

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