Samsara: Birdseye 360 System

The Samsara Solution has an Analog Camera Connector device that allows the connection of an external analog video signal for recording. Pro-Vision has multiple products that add vision capabilities to the Samsara Solution by providing rear and/or side video coverage and the integration of a driver-facing, in-vehicle display. The Pro-Vision Birdseye 360 System has 4 or 6 cameras around the outside of the vehicle that are stitched together digitally to provide the driver with a top-down view of the vehicle as well as traditional rear and side views. The Birdseye 360 System view is sent to a display in the vehicle for the driver but also can be send to the Samsara Solution for recording and viewing in the cloud.

See below for more information about the installation, setup, and use of the systems.

For more information about the Birdseye System, go to Birdseye 360 System Overview
For more information about installing the Birdseye System, see Birdseye 360 Setup Wizards


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