Samsara: Pair Over Power Wireless Installation Troubleshooting

PRO-VISION offers hardware integrated with the Samsara Solution, most of the hardware is wired together, but a wireless solution is also available. The wireless system is comprised of a Wireless Transmitter mounted near the camera (typically on a trailer) and a wireless receiver (typically on a truck) somewhere near the monitor/display in the cab. The systems relies on a common shared power to assist in pairing the two components wirelessly each time the truck is started or a trailer is swapped.


Quality and Performance Testing

Testing Procedure

1) Use a PC to connect to the Analog Camera connector to view all connections/views on the Gateway.
2) Use the Rear Camera test box to mimic the trailer camera and verify all camera connections, including the trailer camera.
3) Use, as possible, access to the Samsara Dashboard to verify full access to the system.


  • Display correct format through Samsara Gateway: Main Front Camera
  • Three-ONLY: (3) cameras from the Analog camera connector in correct alignment
    • Rear camera (top)/ Passenger side (lower LF)/ Driver side (lower RT).

Output shows 4 cameras, 1 is Blue Screen-No Long Press Performed:
• Press and hold the set view button on the multiplexer (MUX) for 5 seconds to set.
• Must have all three cameras connected to MUX to set correctly.
• Verify correct view: REAR=top/PASSENGER=lower left/DRIVER=lower right.
• Must also display on-screen names for views.

Cameras on wrong inputs:
• Correct inputs to MUX- Rear camera to REAR cam input cable.
• Passenger side camera to PASSENGER input cable.
• Driver side cam to DRIVER input cable.
• AUX Input cable is NOT used.

No Camera Connector shown on Samsara Dashboard:
• Verify there is a Samsara Vehicle Gateway and it is installed and powered on.
• Verify Samsara camera attribute is set.
• Verify that both USB connectors from the Analog connector were fully seated in Gateway.
• Test MUX - Are all cables plugged in?
• Is MUX powered on? (If no, troubleshoot +12v constant on red. Verify a good ground. Verify that USB connected to Gateway and is getting Wake up signal.) If bad - Replace MUX.
• All signals present and correct out of MUX - but not out of Analog Connector. Replace Analog Camera Connector.

No Signal on Rear Camera Input:
• Test Wireless Receiver in tractor - Verify all cables and antenna connected.
• Verify power is connected to same power source lead as trailer- Should be Pin 7 on trailer cable - In tractor and on trailer.
• Correct Wiring.

LOST LINK on Rear Camera: -Display shows Green RX box, but greyed out TX box
• Verify a trailer is connected (or Test Box).
• Verify both RX and TX units are on the same +12-24V Power Source. Should be pin 7 wire on the trailer connector.
• Correct wiring, as necessary.

NO INPUT on Rear Camera: Display shows red between camera & TX box
• Test Trailer for bad camera or bad camera cable(s). -Replace bad component.

Troubleshooting Views

Problem: Lost Link.
This shows that the PV Hardware in the tractor is working correctly, but the tractor does not see a trailer (wireless transmitter).  It also shows that the cameras are not connected to the correct input on the multiplexer.

Problem: No Input.
This image shows that the tractor hardware is working correctly, the wireless link is working, so the trailer is communicating with the tractor, but the Wireless Transmitter on the trailer does not see a camera.  It also shows that the long press button needs to be done so that the correct format shows in the camera connector.

Problem: No Wireless Receiver Feed.
This shows that the Multiplexer does not see the Wireless Receiver in the tractor.

Problem: Correct View Format.
This shows that the long press button needs to be done so that the correct format shows in the camera connector.  It also shows tractor does not see a trailer (wireless transmitter).

Problem: No Camera Connector Feed.
This shows that the Samsara Gateway does not see the camera connector.



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