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Samsara Vehicle Gateway

Model: VG54

The Vehicle Gateway provides live GPS tracking, FMCSA-registered ELD capabilities, engine diagnostics, a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, driver workflows, advanced analytics, and more. The Vehicle Gateway is required for all camera applications as it is the hub for all communications, as well as the power supply.


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Samsara AI Dashcam

Models: CM31 (Single Camera) and CM32 (Dual Camera)

The CM31/CM32 Dash Cam automatically uploads HD video footage to the Samsara Cloud. With live scene analysis and a built-in speaker for driver coaching, the camera is purpose-built to reduce high-risk behaviors, like distracted driving and tailgating, lower safety-related costs, and provide deep visibility into fleet operations. It contains a 121° road facing camera (1080p) (CM31/CM32) and 177° driver facing camera (720p) (CM32 Only) as well as optional audio capture. The Dashcam is required for all camera applications as it contains the storage for all recordings, including the recordings from the external cameras via the Camera Connector.

CM31 Datasheet:

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CM32 Datasheet:

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Samsara HD Camera Connector

Model: ACC-CM-AHD1

Hub for connection to side, rear, and interior visibility. It allows the connection of a single high definition (HD) video input from either a single camera or multiple cameras using a multiplexer or auxiliary DVR. A video output is also provided to allow connection of an in-vehicle display.

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