Connecting to your DVR Via Wifi

Multiple Ways to Connect to the DVR

The DVR can be connected with an Ethernet (LAN) cable to a laptop, or it can also be accessed wirelessly using a Wi-Fi connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone device.


1. Connect to the DVR:

a. LAN:
Connect a cable from the LAN port on the DVR unit to a LAN port on the laptop using a standard (Non-crossover) LAN cable. Your computer must have a static IP address set on the LAN adapter to connect to the DVR. To set the computer to a static IP, see step 2.

b. Wi-Fi:
On a Wi-Fi-enabled device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet) go to the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Wi-Fi with the name "PV_RANGER_xxxxxx".  The Wi-Fi has a default password of “doesitall”. If the unit has already been configured, the Wi-Fi may be disabled or renamed, "xxxxxx" represents the last 6 unique characters of the devices MAC address.

2. Open a web browser software application such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Mozilla® Firefox®, or Google® Chrome® browser.


a. LAN: Type “” in the browser address bar and press enter.


b. Wi-Fi: Type “” in the browser address bar and press enter.


3. You will now be on “PRO-VISION” web interface for the DVR unit. You will see current Unit ID (Default: “PVVS” if not yet configured), the model number (PD-1902), and the device’s serial number.


4. You can now navigate to the desired page; Live Video, View Files, or Settings. When you click on the desired page a password prompt will appear, enter the appropriate username/password. The default accounts are listed below.

Username: admin

Password: doesitall

Description: Administrative account with full access, also can set passwords/accounts


Username: liveview

Password: seethecams

Description: Access to only see live video


Username: playback

Password: watchvids

Description: Access only for video playback


Username: settings

Password: change items

Description: Access to only see/modify settings


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