AHD Flush Mount Camera Details/Installation

AHD Flush Mount Camera


The AHD Flush Mount Camera (Kit P/N: DVR-918 (9000166), Camera P/N: PC-1918 (9000223)) is designed to be mounted in a body panel or bumper of the vehicle, flush with the surface. The camera is used most often inside the rear bumper of vehicles, but it also works well mounted in an enclosure above the engine compartment or rear window on rear engine buses. It has a built-in night vision LEDs with an automatic sensor for capturing video in low-light conditions. Its small form factor and low-profile mounting are its biggest advantage. The camera lens has a wide 130° horizontal and 65° vertical coverage.

Mounting Location and Installation:

The camera mounts in a 1.25” hole and can be rotated 360° for proper aim; the camera can also be tilted at a 10° angle by installing the angle rings on either side of the mounting surface.

  1. Locate the desired mounting location, check for proper clearance behind the surface for the camera body, then mark and drill a 1.25” hole.
  2. Disassemble the camera by loosening the two (2) threaded lock rings, removing them, and sliding them off the cable and connector. Then, remove all the spacer rings.
  3. Determine the order of the spacers as needed based on the desired mounting as shown in the images above right.
  4. Slide the outer spacers over the cable and onto the camera, then slide the camera, cable first, through the mounting hole.
  5. Slide the inner spacers over the cable and onto the camera.
  6. Install the mounting gasket between the outer mounting surface and the camera body or the first spacer.
  7. Slide the two (2) threaded locking rings over the cable and then thread them one at a time onto the camera body.
  8. Connect the camera connector to the cable running to the DVR unit, if it is not yet installed, install the cable at this time and then continue to Step 9.
  9. Power on the display to view the camera image live and adjust as needed.
  10. When finished aiming, fully tighten the first locking ring and then the second locking ring.


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