Ranger DVR Stop-Arm Camera Cable Update

The Ranger DVR can be used with the PC-1824 Dual-Lens Stop-Arm Camera. This camera has a digital connection to the DVR unit. If that digital connection receives unwanted interference it can cause instability in the communication between the camera and the DVR that can affect the performance of both the camera and the recording system. A signal booster should be used inline on the camera cable to prevent the instability and unwanted performance issues.

There are two different types of signal boosters available:

PX-1847 Booster Cable (3ft) or PX-1846 Booster Cable (1ft) - These cables are installed inline on the camera cable between the DVR and camera extension cable. 

PX-1848 Booster/Expansion Cable - This cable is installed inline on the camera cable between the DVR and camera extension cable. This cable is also used in other DVR models to expand the DVR input for a second camera. When used with a stop-arm camera, the "Additional Camera" input is cannot be used.

Existing/Previously Installed Systems:

If you have a Ranger DVR utilizing a Stop-Arm camera that did not previously have an inline booster cable installed, simply connect the cable as shown in the diagrams above to prevent future instability. You should also format the disk(s) on your system to remove any potentially corrupted data from previous instability.

Formatting the Disk:

The SD Card or SSD can be removed from the system and formatted in a computer or it can be formatted while installed in the DVR unit. To format the disk while in the unit, follow the instruction in this article.

Note: Formatting the disk erases all data on it, if you need data from it, connect it to a computer and copy any files off from it before formatting.

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