Trailer Connection Kit Installation


Both Trailer Connection Kits - PX-2016 and HD PX-2016 - are designed as a "plug and play" system with the option of one or two cameras. The user can install the kit on a towable trailer and then see video of the camera view(s). This can be used in various applications such as livestock trailers and equipment trailers. Mounting the system is as simple as connecting the supplied brackets to the vehicle and trailer. The receivers are then mounted to the brackets. (See the diagram below for mounting and connection details.)

These kits are complete systems. Parts cannot be swapped between systems. 

Trailer Connection Kit (PX-1016)
Coil: PX-1017
Truck Receptacle: PX-1018
Tractor Receptacle: PX-1019

HD Trailer Connection Kit (PX-2016)
HD Cable Coil: PX-2017
HD Truck Receptacle: PX-2018
HD Tractor Receptacle: PX-2019

The differences between kit versions can be (visually) determined as follows:

The jacket color on the PX-1017 coil is black and the jacket color on the PX-2017 coil is blue.
The Product name/Part number is on the cable label for all products.

  • Mounting a rear camera system to the back of the trailer allows the user to see behind them as they are backing the trailer into a dock or other areas where visibility is difficult.
  • The camera connects to the rear connections of the trailer receiver while the vehicle receiver is connected to 5m or 10m A/V cables which run to the video output (Monitor, DVR, Multiplexer).


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