SecuraMax Archival Storage

SecuraMax customers using an Unlimited plan will have videos automatically archived to "cold" archival storage for long term retention, this move allows the plan to operate with a fixed monthly cost for Unlimited storage.

Any video that is uploaded to SecuraMax storage is automatically placed in active "hot" storage. Once the file has been stored in active storage for over 180 days (6 months) it is automatically moved to "cold" archival storage. Once a document has been moved to cold storage the document details page will show "Storage Status" as "Archived" and a "Request Archive Retrieval" button appears below that.

Pressing that button will initiate the unarchival process, and the "Storage Status" will change to "Pending Archive Retrieval" during that time, the file will then become available within 48 hours for review. Once the file is available, an email will be sent to the person who requested the document to be unarchived and the document page will reflect the new availability as "Storage Status" again showing "Active".

The document will be available in "hot" active storage for 30 days, then it will automatically move back to "cold" archival storage.

The archival (Default 180days) and re-archival (Default 30days) times may be customized based on customer/contract.

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