Connect to a DVR via Hardline

1. Connect DVR to your laptop or tablet via a LAN connection.

2. Power up the DVR.

3. Go to the network settings on the laptop.

4. Go to change adaptor settings.

5. Find your DVR Wi-Fi/LAN connection.

6. Right-click the DVR's connection and go to the properties.

7. Find Internet Protocol 4 (IPV4).

8. Go to the Protocol 4's properties.

9. Select "use following IP address".

10. Set the IP address to

11. The subnet mask should be Leave everything else blank (it may auto-fill - depending on which version of Windows is being used - if it does not auto-fill, enter the subnet mask number).

12. "Press "Okay" to save changes.

13. Open a browser window.

14. Go to the IP address for the DVR UI,

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